The surrounding area: The area surrounding the main Amphitheater which will be decorated with works of art is configured to host exhibitions and other events. Complimenting the area outside a playground area is available, equipped with toys and safety flooring.

The construction of Dali Municipal Amphitheater was completed by the end of 2015.

The project was co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, the Republic of Cyprus and the Municipality of Dali.

The planning and design of the amphitheater was done in accordance with the morphology of the area, its character and the needs of the people in the municipality.

A mix of traditional and modern timeless materials were applied to the project, which ensure the building quality over time thus requiring the least possible maintenance.

The building materials used include traditional stone, wood, metal, locally produced materials, natural elements, water and Cyprus grown plants.

Furthermore, in addition to the amphitheater, other outdoor places were created for use either independently or in conjunction with the events taking place in the large amphitheater, adding a multiplicity of the possible uses of the complex.

Detailed attention was given to the areas outside of the amphitheater’s perimeter and especially along the sidewalk of the west side of the amphitheater a small park was created so that the whole project would be incorporated in the Municipality’s public space.

The Project will be hosting:

• Theatrical and dance performances

• Concerts

• Film screenings

• Audiovisual performances

• Literary events

• Recreational events / performances

• School events

• Events organized by cultural groups and clubs

• Sports shows as boxing matches, weightlifting etc.

• Exhibitions etc.

The main Auditorium’s capacity is 1060 seated spectators. The stage’s diameter is 18 meters and a tall wall was constructed on its side for surface projections. It is equipped with the latest audiovisual systems and theatrical lighting for which special control rooms have been built at the entrance of the auditorium’s seating area where there’s also rooms available for ticketing, admissions and cinema projection.

The same area includes a small amphitheater, the “Little Theater”, which could accommodate simultaneously other small size events.

Built in the area below the Amphitheater’s stands, a multiple closed and comfortable leisure facility is available for use by the performing actors of the event taking place.

Included are waiting rooms and rest lounges, 2 large luxury individual dressing rooms for the main actors of the event, 2 dressing rooms for 4 people each and two group dressing rooms.

All dressing rooms are spacious, furnished and well equipped and each has independent washrooms.


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